Friday, October 19, 2012

NEW 2013 Lego Technic sets - Images released!

The new 2013 Lego Technic sets are being talked about everywhere.  So let's run through them:

42000 - Grand Prix Racer

This set has been seen and talked about on multiple sites.  We shared a link to one of those sources here where they had some great pics and comments about the new parts coming out.

42002 - Hovercraft

This looks to be a more simple model for the Technic line this next year.  The image gives the impression that the pistons on the side are connected to the fan on the back.  Will be interesting to see how it actually will operate.

 42004 - Mini Backhoe Loader

Simple version of the very nice one from back in 2011 - 8069 Backhoe Loader.  That was a fun model.  This appears to be a mix of the 2009 set - 8265 Front Loader with the 8069.  Notice the movements in the image indicating it hinges in front of the cab.  Nicely done!

 42006 - Excavator

Ok, I agree with TB that this should be called a Material Handler.  As such, this could have replacement ends (like a giant electromagnet).  This will be a fun set to motorize.  Also according to TB, this has 4 new parts.  We look forward to learning more about these.

 42007 - Moto Cross Bike

For those motorcycle lovers, this will be a nice addition.  Realistic looking and nice tires. 

42010 - Off-road Racer

 This and the following are the ones my kids and their cousins are all waiting for.  Who as a kid didn't love crashing cars and the old pull back racers that still seem popular today.  Way to go Lego, keeping our childhood memories alive!  Our kids will thank you too...

42011 - Race Car

Like the one above, very similar but appears to have a new part as well that is also found on the 42000.  I have to admit, these are fun for us AFOL as well.  I love getting down and playing with the kids with these.  They are a nice addition to the line-up and I am glad to see more of them continuing to be added.

So can you buy them yet?  No.  But they are on a shopping site called  Interesting, they have listed that they will be available February of 2013.  I guess we will have to start saving now because I think the 2H of the lineup is going to be just as good!  Again, thanks for reading.  I hope to get started on a couple of builds that we have going and let everyone know how much we enjoyed them.  Btw, all images are from BrickSet.  They have a great way to look at everything for the year in an easy to view grid.  Yet to come is the 42003....till then, Play Well!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

About to build a 8052-1: Container Truck

I just came across one of these to build.  The 8052 Container Truck from 2010 is one that I had not had the chance to build yet.  I am looking forward to trying it out.  I think the second model is one that we will have more fun with.  I will let everyone know how it goes...

- ChrisD

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lego Technic sets 2012 vs 2013

Ok, I will admit that this was a pretty good year for releases.  Not as many as I like for the Technic line, but still a lot of fun to be had.  Some of our favorites were the:
9393 Tractor  (Daughter's favorite)
9394 Jet Plane   (Son Loved it!)  
9395 Pick-Up Tow Truck  (Nice all around favorite)
9396 Helicopter  (Dad and Son enjoyed this one)
9398 4x4 Crawler  (Son wants to sleep with it, all around favorite)

Now for 2013, the lineup is looking like about eight new models so far.  As I learn more, I will share our take on them.  The unofficial list is looking like:

Some type of Grand Prix Racer (F1 or the like) TB (TechnicBricks) has a great post of what it might be.
Some type of Action Racer Car
Mini Backhoe Loader
Excavator or crawler with arm for handling wreckage. MB (MadBricks) has a fuzzy preliminary image
Moto Cross Bike
Racer Car
Off-road Racer

I know we are looking forward to the Hovercraft and wreckage crawler.  I will share anything else that we find of interest.  Being that this is a new adventure, we hope that you find this a fun place to come and hang out sometimes.


Thursday, October 11, 2012

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