Monday, November 10, 2014

Cat and Lego anyone?

Check out what made it to Lego Ideas...

Absolutely beautiful.  If you have a few minutes to get buried in something, check out his other designs and interviews.  Very creative...and cool of course!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Lego Sets for 1H 2015.

Well, I know we have a lot of information already flying around about the new Technic sets for 1H 2015.  I don't need to duplicate all of their efforts, but I thought I would highlight them from the perspective of what my kids and I think about them and which ones we are excited to build.  So far there are ten that we know about. 

First up is the 42031 Cherry Picker with 155 pieces.

We think this will be an interesting addition to the smaller type sets, perhaps even to the 42023-1 Construction Crew set.  Low piece count means it will probably be rather cost effective.  Our only question is to how much playability it will have.  We look forward to finding out.

Second is the 42032 Compact Tracked Loader with 252 pieces.

We can't wait to check this on out.  It looks extremely realistic and has a great variety of pieces.  This will be one that we will enjoy for sure.  I am curious to see if it is a 2 in 1 and what the other half will be.  I like the color choice as well. 

Next is the 42033 Rocket Car.  We do not know the piece count yet.

Based on the look, it appears to have a lower piece count.  This should make it cost effective.  It does have a nice design and looks very realistic in comparison to the real thing.  Should make for a nice build.

Next is the 42034 Quad Bike with 148 pieces.

This is a very realistic looking set.   Compared to the 9392-1 set from two years ago, this one has the appearance down, although it looks as though this one is more cosmetic than durable.  I guess we will have to find out more when we can get our kids to play with it...the true test of durability.

The next is 42035 Mining Truck with 362 pieces.

I have waited a long time for a set like this.  One other that I still wish they would come out with is a good dirt grader.  My only concern is that this is not a full size vehicle that would go with such sets as the 42030 and the 8043.  This reminds me more of the size of the 8264 Hauler.  I am truly looking forward to this set to see what it has to offer.  Actually, now that I think about it, this is more like the size of the new 42028 from this year. 

Up next is the 42036 Street Motorcycle with 375 pieces.

We have enjoyed building the motorcycles in the past.  I expect this to be no different.  Again they are becoming better designed to look more like the actual on which it is based.  It seems that I am seeing a trend from back in 2010.  I will keep my eyes on that. 

Next is the 42037 Formula Off-Roader with 494 pieces.

I don't know what to expect on this one.  Very interesting suspension in the front and kind of reminds me of the off-roader from Mr and Mrs Smith.  Could be interesting to try and RC this one up a bit.  This should be fun to build. 

Next is the 42038 Arctic Truck with 913 pieces.

Ok, I am a sucker for tracks.  This is a really cool set.  Very nice version of the real thing.  I am totally got this on the first of my list to pick up.  Interested to see more about the suspension.

The next is 42039 24 Hours Race Car with 1219 pieces.

Again, I am not familiar with the real thing to know what to expect, but anytime there is a Lego car with 1000+ know it is going to be good.  Nice green and white.  Looks like it could make for some great MOCs.  Very nice look. 

Finally, we have the 42041 Race Truck with 608 pieces.

Again, I am having flashbacks to 2010.  This appears to be the same set that was released under 8041.  The piece count and the stickers are even the same.  Either way, I had the previous version of this set and it is a fun build. 

All and all, a very nice selection for the first half of next year.  I know I am truly looking forward to some of them and as always, Lego continues to bring us new and different things.  Now, to be patient until they actually arrive.  Thanks Lego!  Keep up the great work...


Saturday, November 23, 2013

LEGO Technic 2014 1H Official Set Images Released and more...

 A little while back we talked about the list of new Technic sets for 2014.  The pictures for those sets are now here and check them out! 

42020 Twin-Rotor Helicopter
42020 Twin-Rotor Helicopter

This appears to be one of the smaller sets to be released.  I can see using the Twin Rotor design to turn one of the larger helicopters like the 9396 into a larger version.  Family MOC time.

42021 Snowmobile

42021 Snowmobile

This is a smaller set as well.  It does have some noticeably new parts.  Should be neat to see how these are used in this as well as in future sets.

42022 Hot Rod

42022 Hot Rod

For the car lovers, here is another to add to our collection.  Looks like they are going to be providing digital instructions for the tablet users.  Should be interesting to see how that is going to work going forward.

42023 Construction Crew

42023 Construction Crew

Now this is one set that really had a lot of us asking what that name represented.  I think that it is a very nice set.  Especially as a Technic starter kit for the younger ones.  No age is mentioned, but what kid doesn't want the 'complete' construction set that he can build with Dad or whomever.  Great playability with this one.  This would also be a great addition to the train sets or any city scene.  We are very excited for the release of this set.  

42024 Container Truck

42024 Container Truck

This is a very nice design and has some need functions.  This is different than what most of us see here in the US, but very cool concept and execution.  This set can be motorized and will be a nice addition to any collection.  I especially like the color contrasts. 

42026 Black Champion Racer

The Pull-Back models are continuing each year.  I have to think that it is because they are fun.  Hallways become race tracks and crash up derby courses...then rebuild and go again.  Tons of fun, at least in our house. 

42027 Desert Racer

42027 Desert Racer

As mentioned on the previous model, these are a lot of fun.  I know we really enjoy them for their simplicity yet playability. 

Now for the one set that does not have pictures of the box and probably the most anticipated set for the Dad in this family:

42025 Cargo Plane

42025 Cargo Plane

This is going to be the largest set of the 2014 1H releases.  This appears to have motorization and I can't wait to get my hands on this one. 

Again, Lego has got some great sets in store for this next year.  We are definitely looking forward to the fun and to stretching our imaginations with the new parts.  There is much discussion at some of our links that go beyond what we have.  Be sure to check them all out.  We will let you know how the kids like them as the year goes on.  We may not always be 100% Technic, but we love Lego as most readers would probably agree, so please keep visiting.  We will try to get better and enjoy sharing some more of our experiences with you.  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

LEGO Technic 2014 Sets are being talked about!

It has begun.  The rumors about the Lego 1h2014 Technic sets are at full speed.  All about bricks has started the excitement with a list of possible 2014 Technic sets.  Check it out the list below.  We will be providing more information as soon as it becomes available.

42020 Twin-Rotor Helicopter
42021 Snowmobile
42022 Hot Rod
42023 Construction Crew
42024 Container Truck
42026 Black Champion Racer
42027 Desert Racer

This looks like another good year, although maybe not as large as last.  We are especially intrigued by the 42020 Helicopter and 42024 Container Truck.  It would be interesting to see if the 42026 is like the current model only in a different color.  42027 Desert Racer makes me think of the old 8284.

Thanks for reading, and leave your thoughts about the upcoming 2014 sets!

Update:  Brickipedia has the same list.  No other details as of yet. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Review of Lego Technic 41999 4x4 Crawler Exclusive Edition "BOSS" Crawler by Egor himself - Must Read!

Egor Karshiev has released his own review of the model he designed.  Amazing up close look of the 1585 piece set of which only 20,000 will be made.  He has some incredible pictures of the opening of the box and how well this has been put together.  A lot of aspects have actually been done by hand which is even more amazing.  Ready for the best part?  Expected to cost $199 USD.  I am sure these are going to be difficult to get our hands on, but well worth the effort.  It is a beautiful model that is sure to impress anyone who lays eyes on it.  A photo or two to tease you...


Amazing details.  There are so many things to look at on his review, it is truly a joy to read and view.  Take the time to check out his blog here. Wow, I just can't thinking about this.  I want to call everyone I know and tell them to go read this.  Thanks for reading. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Incredible Creator Build 10234 Sydney Opera House - Extreme Edition

Another non Technic set that I think qualifies because it is labeled 'Expert' and did I mention yet, it is HUGE!  It comes with 2989 pieces and is a much larger more complete version of the Sydney Opera House that was realized in the Architecture series under the number 21012.  This new version is truly a marvel to behold and is coming September 1 of 2013 for a modest 319.99.  I guess we will have to start saving now.  Check out the pics below and follow the link to the Lego page here for more details.

Some pieces that may be of interest are the rare 1x1x2/3 stud and 1x2x2/3 stud slopes in dark tan as well as a 48x48 stud baseplate in blue for the first time!  Curious note when you follow the link above:  One of the Tags for this product is 'Girls'.  I am now going to check all of the new sets and see if that is current tag....

What do you think about the new set?  We are already counting down on the Calendar for this and the other new Technic sets that are yet to make it to our area....

Friday, June 28, 2013

Lego puts the power in our hands with the possible 21050-1: Architecture Studio.

This looks to be a very interesting release, granted not a Lego Technic set, but bear with me folks.  You know that as soon as the new Technic sets are out, we will be talking about them here.  There is a lot of speculation of what this will be, but on the Brickset forum, there is a small image and a lot of speculation.  It appears to be for 16+ and have about 1210 pieces.  There is a thought that this could be like a parts pack or expansion pack or even something related to Education.  According to Barnes and Noble website, it is targeted at teen and adult architecture enthusiasts.  "Take your designing talents to new heights!"  Oddly enough, I am not providing a link because multiple locations are hosting such an event and it has different titles at a lot of them.  Same event, just different descriptions.  This also does not appear to be happening in every state.  Most are listing it on July 27th and describe it as a discussion, Q&A and building event.  Below is a video from the Architecture page referencing the LEGO World at Copenhagen from February 2013 in which some ideas of what this set might be about are shown.

I can't wait to see what Lego has in store for this set.  Might make for some highly educational play periods with the little ones.  Maybe if I get my kids started early I will have a couple of miniature Frank Lloyd Wright  designers in my house.  Wouldn't that be cool....