Monday, November 10, 2014

Cat and Lego anyone?

Check out what made it to Lego Ideas...

Absolutely beautiful.  If you have a few minutes to get buried in something, check out his other designs and interviews.  Very creative...and cool of course!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

New Lego Sets for 1H 2015.

Well, I know we have a lot of information already flying around about the new Technic sets for 1H 2015.  I don't need to duplicate all of their efforts, but I thought I would highlight them from the perspective of what my kids and I think about them and which ones we are excited to build.  So far there are ten that we know about. 

First up is the 42031 Cherry Picker with 155 pieces.

We think this will be an interesting addition to the smaller type sets, perhaps even to the 42023-1 Construction Crew set.  Low piece count means it will probably be rather cost effective.  Our only question is to how much playability it will have.  We look forward to finding out.

Second is the 42032 Compact Tracked Loader with 252 pieces.

We can't wait to check this on out.  It looks extremely realistic and has a great variety of pieces.  This will be one that we will enjoy for sure.  I am curious to see if it is a 2 in 1 and what the other half will be.  I like the color choice as well. 

Next is the 42033 Rocket Car.  We do not know the piece count yet.

Based on the look, it appears to have a lower piece count.  This should make it cost effective.  It does have a nice design and looks very realistic in comparison to the real thing.  Should make for a nice build.

Next is the 42034 Quad Bike with 148 pieces.

This is a very realistic looking set.   Compared to the 9392-1 set from two years ago, this one has the appearance down, although it looks as though this one is more cosmetic than durable.  I guess we will have to find out more when we can get our kids to play with it...the true test of durability.

The next is 42035 Mining Truck with 362 pieces.

I have waited a long time for a set like this.  One other that I still wish they would come out with is a good dirt grader.  My only concern is that this is not a full size vehicle that would go with such sets as the 42030 and the 8043.  This reminds me more of the size of the 8264 Hauler.  I am truly looking forward to this set to see what it has to offer.  Actually, now that I think about it, this is more like the size of the new 42028 from this year. 

Up next is the 42036 Street Motorcycle with 375 pieces.

We have enjoyed building the motorcycles in the past.  I expect this to be no different.  Again they are becoming better designed to look more like the actual on which it is based.  It seems that I am seeing a trend from back in 2010.  I will keep my eyes on that. 

Next is the 42037 Formula Off-Roader with 494 pieces.

I don't know what to expect on this one.  Very interesting suspension in the front and kind of reminds me of the off-roader from Mr and Mrs Smith.  Could be interesting to try and RC this one up a bit.  This should be fun to build. 

Next is the 42038 Arctic Truck with 913 pieces.

Ok, I am a sucker for tracks.  This is a really cool set.  Very nice version of the real thing.  I am totally got this on the first of my list to pick up.  Interested to see more about the suspension.

The next is 42039 24 Hours Race Car with 1219 pieces.

Again, I am not familiar with the real thing to know what to expect, but anytime there is a Lego car with 1000+ know it is going to be good.  Nice green and white.  Looks like it could make for some great MOCs.  Very nice look. 

Finally, we have the 42041 Race Truck with 608 pieces.

Again, I am having flashbacks to 2010.  This appears to be the same set that was released under 8041.  The piece count and the stickers are even the same.  Either way, I had the previous version of this set and it is a fun build. 

All and all, a very nice selection for the first half of next year.  I know I am truly looking forward to some of them and as always, Lego continues to bring us new and different things.  Now, to be patient until they actually arrive.  Thanks Lego!  Keep up the great work...