Friday, June 28, 2013

Lego puts the power in our hands with the possible 21050-1: Architecture Studio.

This looks to be a very interesting release, granted not a Lego Technic set, but bear with me folks.  You know that as soon as the new Technic sets are out, we will be talking about them here.  There is a lot of speculation of what this will be, but on the Brickset forum, there is a small image and a lot of speculation.  It appears to be for 16+ and have about 1210 pieces.  There is a thought that this could be like a parts pack or expansion pack or even something related to Education.  According to Barnes and Noble website, it is targeted at teen and adult architecture enthusiasts.  "Take your designing talents to new heights!"  Oddly enough, I am not providing a link because multiple locations are hosting such an event and it has different titles at a lot of them.  Same event, just different descriptions.  This also does not appear to be happening in every state.  Most are listing it on July 27th and describe it as a discussion, Q&A and building event.  Below is a video from the Architecture page referencing the LEGO World at Copenhagen from February 2013 in which some ideas of what this set might be about are shown.

I can't wait to see what Lego has in store for this set.  Might make for some highly educational play periods with the little ones.  Maybe if I get my kids started early I will have a couple of miniature Frank Lloyd Wright  designers in my house.  Wouldn't that be cool....

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