Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bricklink has been SOLD! New management wants your ideas...

BrickLink is a name that any die-hard lover of Technic Lego knows and relies on.  It was via a community message that the current CEO of BrickLink, Eliska Jezkova, told us that she is stepping down and handing over the reigns to the new owner, Jung-Ju "Jay" Kim.  He is no slouch in the business world.  His family has been very successful in just about everything that they touch.  He is also the founder of Nexon, one of the world's largest online game companies. 

Since the original post this morning, there has been additional information provided.  Check it out here on BrickLink's website.  Based on thoughts from Jung-Ju Kim it looks like we may see some great changes coming sooner rather than later.  I just hope that it doesn't cost us more to enjoy this formerly family run business. 

He is wanting our help.  In his statement, he says: "In order to expedite the process of renovating, I and Bricklink Limited will be asking users to e-mail us with their ideas for the improved functionality of the site, as well as any current issues that need to be addressed in order to provide users with the best possible selling and buying experience.  We'll establish those lines of communication very soon."  This is exciting...I am creating my list now.  We will be sure to share that contact information as soon as we become aware of it as well.  

I am wondering if anyone else caught something.  I was reading the original post that Eliska Jeskova wrote and I could have sworn that it said 'Eliska Jezkova, CEO of'.  I kind of laughed to myself at the time and wondered why she signed it that way being that she was saying that she had handed over everything already.  When the page was updated with the Message from Jung-Ju "Jay" Kim, I saw that it was changed to 'former CEO'.  Now I could just be getting old and blind, but did I actually see that?

Thanks for reading and as always, I will try to keep my readers aware of the ever changing world of our Technic Lego and the like.

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