Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NEW 2013 2H Lego Technic sets - Early Blurry Images!

As with every new year, the new sets are what we want to know about.  As we posted earlier about, there are several already released and the end of 2012 has brought us information on the release of the 2H or Second Half of 2013 Technic Lego sets.  Very clear images are not yet available, but we will be sure to post them as soon as they do.  What we do have is a list and some really rough images to give you an idea of what will be coming soon. 

42001 - Mini Off-Roader

This set has been seen and talked about on multiple sites.  It is thought that this will cost around 10 Euros which today is about 13 dollars.  Based on the ages, I would say that it will be similar to the 8066 Off Roader set which sold for around 20 dollars.  This image is yet to come. 

Lego Technic 42005 Image

42005 - Monster Truck

This looks to be a miniature version of the 9398 4x4 Crawler with what appears to have 4 wheel steering and hand of god steering.  Nice starter kit for younger Technic users. Imaged captured from the video clip from the Nuremberg Toy Fair.

Lego Technic 42008 Image

42008 -Service Truck

This sets looks like it has a lot to offer.  My kids and I actually took a picture of one of these we saw in a parking lot to try and build a MOC (My Own Creation) version as one of our future projects.  I think this set will give us a nice starting point to work from.  Should be great fun.  Although some sources are saying that it does not have pneumatics, the picture has what appears to be something yellow like a pneumatic part towards the rear, but this could also be some type of shock absorber.  It does however use power functions with at least one motor.  Nice side view.  This will be a nice upgrade to the classic 8285 Tow Truck of 2006.  I do still prefer the longer truck design of the 8285, but if the functions work better in this one, it is going to be a close call as to which is my favorite.  

Lego Technic 42009 Image42009 - Mobile Crane MK II

This appears to be the flagship set of 2013.  There is a lot of speculation on what this will include, but no matter what, it will definitely be a set to enjoy.  I am curious to see what type of improvements have been made since the 8421 Mobile Crane of 2005.  That has been a favorite of ours to build many times.  It does have power functions and based on how it does not look like yellow but rather gray under the lift arm, it does look like LA's (Linear Actuators) instead of pneumatics.  Time will tell, and we will be sure to let you know when we find out for sure!

Looks like these particular models will not be available until sometime close to August based on the source of these photos.  Of course, these images are preliminary, there is a possibility that they could change between now and their official release.  The 2H is not as large a group of models as some of us would probably like, but with so many financial uncertainties for the coming year, I think the Lego Group has made some good choices to keep us satisfied and challenged for the year to come.  Again, thanks for reading and until next time, Play Well!

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